091: How to get more done in a day with Lorraine Pirihi

Lorraine Pirihi, aka ‘The Babyboomer Specialist’ is the founder of Relaunch Your Life, a consulting and coaching practice where she specializes in helping babyboomer finance professionals who are tired, worn out and over it to get their mojo back in business and in life.

Interestingly, Relaunch Your Life was born out of Lorraine experiencing her own version of burnout as a then 53-year old who had been running her productivity business for 13 years. With her first-hand experience of knowing some of the challenges brokers and people this age-group go through, she helps them get more out of life, not just more out of their business.

While I’m sure it differs per person, Lorraine tends to focus on those babyboomers who aren’t looking for world domination – but rather striving for a more equitable balance between their work and personal lives.

It’s almost certainly the case that as our life evolves, so too do our priorities around what is important for us – and Lorraine wants to help those people who are looking to do less hours and find more purpose and meaning within their life’s.

Knowing that Lorraine does a lot of work with brokers and finance professionals, I broke normal podcast protocol in this interview and went almost completely off-script, as I wanted to get Lorraine’s take on a number of areas.

So, in this interview you’ll learn tips for getting more control back in your day and of your time, the importance of working around your key priorities, and why maintaining long-term relationships with your clients is critical to keeping them on your books so they don’t walk down the road for their next loan.

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