104: Tanya Somerton shares how collaboration with brokers delivers better client outcomes

Tanya Somerton is on a mission to help people move onwards and upwards in their life during what is no doubt generally regarded as a less-than-ideal experience.


You may call Tanya a ‘project manager’, ‘master collaborator’, or a ‘divorce angel’.  Whichever the title, one thing is for sure. She aims to make a separation of marriage as smooth as frictionless as can be.

Though, her role is more than just ‘project manager’.  It’s also about providing advice and emotional support to help her clients work their way through the situation.

And, this is where Tanya’s service could enable you to expand your value to clients during their time of need.

With some 30% of first-time marriages ending in divorce, Tany’s service provides a cost-effective and simple process to help move forward with more clarity and confidence.

With a genuine desire to make a meaningful and lasting difference to her clients, Tanya is passionate about helping leave the pain and suffering behind so they can get on with their life.  

If you have clients who may need a cost-effective alternative to lawyers for their personal situation you can reach Tanya on:

Taya’s website

Email Tanya


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