106: Victoria Coster Shares How She Built a National Business Almost by Accident

When some people start their business, it’s to build a company that will outlast them.  For others, like Victoria Coster, it was simply a means to support her young family.

But what started out as a part-time venture run from a small office in Parramatta has grown into a highly regarded agency that’s now helping thousands of consumers fix their credit problems.

This was achieved through key strategic decisions Victoria made.


# 1.  Articulate a “no result, no fee” value proposition similar to that offered by brokers to their clients.  

# 2.  Build strong relationships with the broker network, who now provide the bulk of new clients that Credit Fix Solutions are able to help.  This includes broker education, attending PD Days and building strong relationships at a broker and aggregator level

This has proven to be a catalyst for ongoing growth to the extent that Victoria has now employed BDM’s in each state to service the ongoing demand and support the growth initiatives.

These days, the company is far more purpose-driven with the view of building an enterprise that is reliant on a great culture, systems and people, while also expanding its footprint into a new vertical market, legal.

The new division, Credit Fix Legal will offer legal support to people who are credit impaired.

Moreover, Victoria’s honesty about her journey is refreshing and inspiring.

If you’d like to connect with Victoria, you can so do via:


Credit Fix Solutions website

Victoria Coster on LinkedIn


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