135: How Peter White is Furthering the Broking Industry


In this candid, straightforward interview, Peter White, Managing Director of FBAA, talks about his legacy, how far the industry has come and what’s in store for the months and years ahead.

It will come as no surprise that Peter, just like the brokers he represents, is extremely passionate about the industry and furthering the broker cause.

This is absolutely evidenced through the continued lobbying done during the Royal Commission, and more recently, to ensure the Best Interests Duty enables brokers to continue delivering the advice and lending solutions that are fit for purpose.

What came as a pleasant surprise is Peter’s advocacy for R U OK and discussing the previously taboo topics of depression and anxiety.  In doing so, Peter normalises conversations and empowers others to recognise they aren’t experiencing these challenges in isolation, and that it’s OK to ask for help.

When asked what his vision of the future looks like, Peter sees 70% + of loans originating through brokers.

Outside of work, one of Peter’s personal passions is The Sanity Space, a charity he founded to help parents of children with special needs.


If you would like to find out more:

Finance Brokers Association of Australia

The Sanity Space


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