147: How Jo Violeta is the Driving Force Behind an Award-Winning Brokerage

If you’ve ever had a husband, wife or significant other who has contributed to your business in a small or big way, you’ll love this episode with Jo Violeta.

Jo is the marketing manager at Violeta Finance.  By proxy of her husband Carl being the broker, Jo has focused on driving initiatives that have helped build Carl’s profile, the brand presence and make a significant impact on client acquisition.

Moreover, Jo’s experience is inspiring insofar as she has, like many before her, learned on the fly and put on a marketing hat even though she readily admits it wasn’t her background prior.

In this interview some of the topics we cover include:

  • Key strategies that have worked for their brokerage and be extrapolated across most broking businesses
  • How Jo accelerated her learning through short courses and investing in her own development
  • A marketing mistake that is funny and easily avoidable
  • How Jo and Carl have made their working relationship prosper while also protecting the sanctity of their ‘home life’
  • How Jo helped Carl go from the ‘secret’ that most people hadn’t heard of to a trusted professional who people sought out


And, Jo also runs her own podcast called Dream Home Podcast.

If you want to connect with her, you can email her or drop her a message on Facebook or Instagram.

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