162: The Most Important Podcast I’ve Ever Done

Having interviewed over 160 podcast guests and had extraordinary conversations with many incredible people, it’s a big call to say this is the most important podcast I’ve done, particularly since it has nothing to do with broking.

It does however have everything to do with how and why we perform and function in the world the way we do through our unconscious biases.

It was spurred on by some friends of mine, females, who have had vastly different experiences of people whom I’d refer to as ‘good blokes’.

And knowing my friends were having these experiences, the more important I felt it was to unveil why we, as people, have unconscious biases that influence our behaviours, decisions and actions.

On occasions, these biases contribute to our growth and well-being, and at times, can dimmish our capacity to be the best version of ourselves.

To help piece things together and provide some perspective around this, I asked a friend of mine and one of Australia’s leading authorities on unconscious bias, Wendy Lundgaard to share her knowledge and insights.

I’ll be the first to raise my hand and there’s still a long way journey ahead of me in terms of building more awareness around my biases, and I hope this conversation provides you with further insights to assist you in your professional and personal well-being.

Also, during the podcast, Wendy makes reference to a free Harvard unconscious bias test. If you’d like to take the test, you can do that over here.

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