128: Aaron Christie – David on the Importance of Business Processes and How He Grew Atelier Wealth to over $67 million

In this interview, Aaron Christie-David pulls back the curtain on some of the business processes and optimisation techniques that are helping him and his team operate an efficient and productive brokerage that delivers a smooth lending experience for their astute clientele.

As a marketer turned broker, Aaron has a keen eye for the small details that help influence consumer perception of him and his brand.  For example, Aaron is masterful at communicating online and recognising and appreciating his clients and his team for the joint success experienced.  It’s one of many subtle yet powerful positioning techniques he incorporates to drive advocacy, repeat and referral business.

To complement his outstanding broking and human skills, Aaron’s wife Bernadette has helped transform business operations through her knowledge of systems, processes and measuring tasks to optimise their ROE (return on effort) so they understand the cost and value of the work being delivered.

In a few short years, together, they have built a respected brokerage and client base of predominantly astute investors that recognise exceptional advice and service.

To connect with Aaron, visit the Atelier Wealth website or email him here.

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