Most brokers want to have more control of their future, to achieve financial freedom and live life on their terms.

They want to make their dreams come true by making the dreams come true for their clients, to earn a passive income and create a valuable business asset.

Only problem is, some find it tough because they wear many hats and they’re inconsistent when they get busy which impacts their pipeline and future settlement volumes.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself asking any of the following
questions, I want you to know you’re in the right place:

“How can I get my clients to refer me more often?”

“How can I get referral partners who’ll actually refer business to me?”

“How can I get more enquiry coming in the door?”

“How can I be more effective with my time?”

You see, I built this business to be very different from most others. Instead of being stressed, you feel:


You are supported and made to feel important, because you are, and what you do is important


You can be confident about the future direction and performance of your business


I want you to achieve results that others will talk about


Build your skills and proficiency with strategies that work


It’s nice to be connected with people who support each other’s success

That’s the experience I want you to have so you can ultimately get what you want.


James McCracken

James draws upon over 12 years of successful sales and marketing experience to help mortgage brokers get in front of more clients and write more deals.

After being a top 1% performer in a team of 700 salespeople, he has personally helped dozens of people to significantly improve their business results by providing them a pathway and process to increase their loan volumes so they can increase their income regardless of market conditions.

You’ll find his approach to marketing is based on using low-cost, high conversion methods that many brokers use right now to generate more enquiry, loyalty and results.

It’s also very much about enabling brokers to be seen as the preeminent and most adviser their clients, because when they are, they make a profound and positive difference to the people they help, in their own business and in their own success.

If you have read his articles in Australian Broker, MPA Magazine or MFAA News, or seen him present at a conference, you’ll know he combines practical advice with industry specific insights to help brokers succeed.

Are you ready to take the next step in your success?

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