159: The Big Shift in the Mortgage Broking Industry (And How Brokers Are Emulating Financial Advisors)

There’s been a subtle paradigm shift in the mortgage broking industry in recent years. More and more brokers are embracing the idea of being a broker AND a business owner. It’s no longer about being a one-man-band. Instead, it’s all about structure and substance – building a team and growing a business. 

Anthony Landahl of Equilibria Finance sat down with me for this episode of The Successful Adviser. 

We discussed how brokers can best equip themselves and their businesses for this ongoing transition. Brand-building, hiring, systemising… There are many practical insights for the industry leaders of tomorrow.

The Key Questions:

  • Why is it crucial to define your business’ value proposition? (7:52)
  • How can you think of your business as an asset? (14:32)
  • What is the key to growing a mortgage broking business? (19:23)
  • What’s the best way to incorporate automation tools? (21:18) 

What You’ll Discover:

  • How Anthony capitalised on his business management background as a broker (2:17)
  • The roadblocks Anthony faced in getting his mortgage broking business off the ground (6:37)
  • The ongoing paradigm shift within the mortgage broking industry (15:53)
  • How Equilibria Finance’s systems and processes evolved over time (18:11)



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