103: How Andrew Mirams writes $150M and still has a LIFE

Every once in a while, a person comes along who sets standards for others can aspire to in terms of results and contribution.

Andrew Mirams is such a person.

A former banker, Andrew decided to take control of his own destiny by establishing a business where he could offer superior outcomes, services, and solutions to his clients.

And though this mantra is the fundamental proposition of many brokers, in Andrew’s case, it’s delivered upon in every component of his business to such a level of refinement that clients can’t help but want to tell others about their experience.

To be sure though, Andrew’s current standing amongst the top-most echelon of the broker landscape has been a journey of learning, effort and paying it forward.

With a positive ‘glass half full’ attitude and a way of communicating with clients that inspire what they can ‘gain’, not just ‘save’, Andrew’s service is complemented by a back office that frees up his time and delivers the outcomes clients expect.

A father of two, Andrew is cognisant of not just writing award-winning results, but doing something that his kids will be proud of.

Clearly, it’s working, as his son Lachlan is now a broker in the business and his daughter has helped shape his thinking and realise that difference he is making to people’s lives on a daily basis.

Naturally, a strong work ethic is a given to write prolific volumes, but it’s not without its rewards.  In 2018, Andrew took 10-weeks off and is focused on playing the world’s top 100 golf courses.

Andrew’s philosophy in business includes:

  • Being a life-long learner: which interestingly, is a common trait amongst the very elite in virtually any endeavour
  • Outcomes-focused: think client result, not rate
  • Playing to his strengths and relinquishing himself of the important yet ‘lower value’ tasks that can be delegated to others
  • Freeing up and managing his time.  Andrew has not only invested in great support, but he also protects and manages his time daily so he can remain focused on the actions that are the highest and best use of his time
  • Continually marketing to drive a steady flow of new enquiry into the business
  • Leveraging and forever building his networks to forge new relationships and deliver ongoing value


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