011: Andrew Ford shares the secret to Commercializing Passion

Marketing expert Andrew Ford is the CEO and Brand Director of Social Star who has discovered the secret of ‘Commercializing Passion’. With a fire for unleashing people’s inner brand and developing business models to generate profit from individual’s passions, Andrew leverages ground-breaking digital and social media marketing techniques to create digital strategies for clients for maximum results.

Establishing a strong name for himself in the field, Andrew blends traditional business techniques with non-necessary tools for entrepreneurs to achieve scale, quality and influence in their niche.

Low Point in Journey

Launched a Personal Brand In A Day course that he was convinced was going to be a winner, but he didn’t get one signup! Completely underestimated the difficulty of getting registrations and has since developed a much more robust campaign process to increase conversion.

Defining Moment in Business

Being asked by KPI (Key Person of Influence) to be the deliver a presentation which delivered 80 leads from a presentation and built significant momentum in the business.

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Favourite Piece of Technology

Squarespace: websites made beautiful

Recommended Reading

The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell

Interview Links

Social Star

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