014: Anne-Marie Lyons is teaching leaders how to think better to improve organisation performance

Anne-Marie Lyons is a Human Behaviour Specialist and an experienced Leader, Strategist and Facilitator.

Anne-Marie’s extensive corporate background includes working for some of Australia’s largest and most successful companies in General Management and Executive roles – specialities in Strategic Planning, Change Management and Stakeholder engagement at an Executive and Board level.

These days Anne-Marie runs her own consulting practice working closely with CEO’s and board to assist them in their leadership and change management skills to drive organisational performance..

Low Point in Journey

A few months into the business, despite having done great preparation, Anne-Marie underestimated what it would take to succeed. She saw the bank account continue to go down, started to get stressed, self doubt and get herself into a massive rut.

Defining Moment in Business

When putting together the training for her first full-day speaking and facilitating gig, Anne-Marie realised that the value she would deliver was of exceptional standard.

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Favourite Piece of Technology

Facebook: the world’s largest social media site

Recommended Reading

Influence by Robert Cialdini

Interview Links

Email Anne-Marie Lyons (put title “Leadership Info” for some leadership checklists)



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