152: Belinda Caesar is Growing Her Business through Organic Referrals

Like practically all well-established brokers, it comes as no surprise that Belinda Caesar ’s core marketing strategy is elevating her clients into raving fans so they can spread the good word.

Having founded her business in Melbourne, Belinda Caesar has since moved to Cairns to enjoy a very different lifestyle, which was evidenced by the 90% local humidity on the day of our interview.

Alas, I digress, as more impressive is Belinda’s intent to over-service her clients, through education, connections to her professional network and ongoing communication to ensure clients are supported as part of a comprehensive customer-journey support model introduced into her business.

As always, we cover a few topics including how Belinda Caesar manages her time and the gifts that her clients give her to express their gratitude for the great work she does.

Impressively, Belinda has a mindset of abundance around sharing her knowledge as well as being lifelong learning so she can continue to grow herself and in doing so, continue to grow her business.

If you would like to connect with Belinda, visit her website, go to the contact page and drop her a note or send her an email.

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