007: Ben Day has overcome cancer to put himself back in the driver’s seat

Ben Day has been in the financial planning industry for 20 years, during of which Ben has owned and operated his business for the entirety of that time.

Ben knows what it’s like to start a business from no clients and grow it into a successful, profitable business based on consistently delivering outstanding client service and receiving ongoing referrals.

In an industry that is highly compliant, he has been recognised with a the highest possible compliance score that can be issued to an agency in his dealer group.

These days, Ben not only provides outstanding service and advice to his clients, he also mentors fellow advisors to help them grow their practice and achieve outstanding results.

Low Point in Journey

Being diagnosed with cancer and having to take chemotherapy treatment to overcome it only to nearly die from pneumonia

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Rewarding Time In Business

Receiving a strong level of positive feedback from people whilst building most recent business

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Favourite Piece of Technology

LinkedIn, world’s largest professional networking site

Interview Links

Ben Day on LinkedIn

Fitzpatrick Financial Services



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