137: How Jeremy Fisher Became The # 1 Broker In The Country

  In this candid and relieving interview Jeremy Fisher of 1st Street Financial, we cover a number of topics pertaining to personal success, business development, and contributing back to the community. You may know Jeremy as having been ranked # 1 broker in the MPA Top 100 list with a settlement volume of $320 million.  But as Jeremy readily admits, […]


The 4 Keys To Delivering A Referable Client Experience.

In today’s fast-paced, consumer-driven society, you could be forgiven if you predicted that online lenders would be enjoying a far greater share of the residential lending marketplace. But they don’t. Why? It’s not because their technology isn’t up to scratch or because they can’t provide quick approvals. In many cases, their technology is exceptional and their turnaround times are excellent. […]


Regain Structure and Control

If you’ve recently been inundated with an enquiry from clients needing help, guidance, hope or direction, you’re not alone. Recent changes to how you work, how your staff work and how you deliver service to current and future clients has created uncertainty, anxiety and concern for many brokers. And then you’ve got every man and his dog offering ‘how to’ […]


How To Work Remotely

working remotely

When it comes to working ‘remotely’, technology is your friend. And as a broker, you’ll want to ensure you continue to make it easy for clients to engage your help – and with the need for some businesses to explore how to set up a remote workforce, this blog post will provide you with very specific and actionable steps you […]


Now Is The Time To Lead

coronavirus australia

At times like these, your clients, your staff, your families and the communities you serve want and need certainty to help them deal with the challenges confronting us. They may not directly voice it, but they do want it. More certainty, more confidence, more leadership. Thinking about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a lot of people have reverted ‘down’ the pyramid […]


Driving New Business With Facebook

Lead Generation for Mortgage Brokers

With the MPA Top 100 writing, on average, 7.92 times MORE than the average for the broking industry, I thought you might find it useful to know what role, if any, social media plays in them writing their volumes. In particular, we’re looking at the usage of the Facebook Business Page as part of their client acquisition and retention strategy. […]


The Thing Most People Don’t Talk About

Yesterday The Successful Adviser community was asked to highlight what was wrong with this Facebook message that was used by a mortgage broking company. And the responses / messages I received were spot on. Briefly, here’s why this flunked: The business had mixed messages. They were trying to appeal to multiple different customers in one small advertisement – and speaking the […]


Common Marketing Mistake

Just a short while back, I received a message from a broker who had done some marketing – but it had zero traction. Worst of all – he had no idea why. To him, the message he wrote looked pretty good. It was well written, grammatically correct, it had his logo prominently displayed in the top right corner – and […]


Make It About Your Client

Several years ago I was a sales management coach & trainer.  That was my entire role – coaching & training sales managers and sales people. The focus with managers was to enable them to become ‘head coach’ by being better leaders of their people – and for the salespeople to write better sales results. As my time in the role […]


Do More ‘Likes’ Mean Better Results?

You know how the banks educate the public to think the most important thing to consider when getting a home loan is the interest rate? Well, along these lines, it seems many people think the most important thing when posting on social media (namely Facebook) is for their ‘posts’ to get liked. At the risk of being contentious, I’m fervently […]


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