102: Brad Sewell shares How to own a Niche and Build a High-Performance Brokerage

Arguably, the most renowned agri-broking business in Australia is Robinson-Sewell Partners, which has experienced significant growth since its inception in October 2010.

In this interview, co-founder Brad Sewell takes us behind-the-scenes where he shares several insights that have enabled them to build their preeminent reputation and run a highly profitable brokerage.

Part of their strategy for success including reconciling their numbers, every month, without fail. Not just their appointments, submissions and settlements. They also review their operating expenses, total revenue and are heavily focused on their profit.

As Brad explains, one part of producing healthy profit results is to be cost-conscious whereby their operating costs are markedly less than the industry average.

To grow their footprint, the business has recently taken on several co-directors, under a Pty/Ltd model, whereby each new broker operates a separate entity under the brand with the view of servicing more agri-clients and for the business to perform.

To complement their business model, Brad and Ian have also built strong relationships with their lender business-partners so they can help co-deliver efficient lending solutions for clients.

If you would like to find out more about Brad and the team at Robinson-Sewell Partners, visit their website here.

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