132: Building a Great Team with Liz Wilson

In this interview with Liz Wilson, we focused the conversation far more on culture, people, leadership and systems.  

Like all mortgage brokers, Liz has needed to embrace the change of recent time so she and her team can remain relevant to their clients and continue to deliver outstanding levels of service.

What interesting to hear is Liz’s mindset and openness to personal change, growth and thinking differently in order to achieve different outcomes.  

Not only does she embrace change, but moreover, Liz also engages her people in the process so there is buy-in at the ground level.  As Liz would know first-hand, the more the buy-in, the easier the transition.

In terms of Liz’ personal growth, as she eloquently said, “The only way to survive is to grow”, and that’s a very healthy mindset so she can continue to explore new avenues for optimising the engagement and focus that her team members bring on a daily basis.

Liz also touches on how employing and engaging the right people and helping the wrong people get off the bus has made a profound difference to how their business operates and the energy & attitudes that are brought into the office.

If you’d like to find out more about Liz and her team, you can visit their website here.



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