089: Building a reputation that precedes you with Dino Pacella

Arguably, Dino Pacella is the most renowned banker BDM in the finance industry. Over the past few years, through several strategic initiatives, Dino has built a highly reputable and trusted personal brand that often precedes him.

While Dino has won copious awards with the MFAA, FBAA and Suncorp, Dino is humble by nature (and hungry by attitude).

Such is Dino’s passion for the broking industry and ensuring more people choose to engage with a broker, that he chose to begin National Finance Brokers Day, an initiative designed specifically to bring more consumer awareness to the broking profession and appreciation for the advantages and services a broker can offer.

2016 was the inaugural year for the NDBD, and with the date already booked for 2017 (August 16th), Dino plans to exceed what was already a highly successful event.

Like all BDM’s, he has targets to meet, and while he is a hard worker and knows his products well, he endears himself to brokers by seeking to provide them a value-add the can maximise their presence and impact across Social Media.

It’s initiatives such NFBD and educating brokers on social media that has earned Dino a trusted reputation by brokers, his peers and the industry at large.

In this insightful interview, Dino also shares his observations as to how some brokers excel at bringing new business in the door though successfully building relationships that inspire their clients to want to tell others about ‘their broker.’

Be sure to listen to Dion’s sage words s o you too can write the volumes you aspire to by building your personal brand as THE most trusted adviser to your clients.

Dino’s LinkedIn profile

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