090: Building community into your business with Mick McClure

When I first came across Mick 4 years ago, I thought I’d be in for a 5-minute chat. 65 minutes later, we were winding up the first of many phone calls.

I mention this because Mick is fond of getting to know other people and generous with his time. As an industry stalwart, he’s seen and been through a lot of change, though he’s also been able to ride the changes well because of his consistent focus on delivering value for his members.

As the managing director of Buyer’s Choice, Mick heads up the largest sub-aggregation group for PLAN Australia, and though they have aggressive growth plans, they also have a focus around quality before quantity when it comes to recruiting new-to-industry brokers.

Mick has been the recipient of PLAN’s ‘CEO Award’, which is their equivalent to the Brownlow, and they have won the ‘Business Of The Year’ award twice in a row, which reflects the continually growing volumes being written by the group.

One thing is for sure, Mick realizes the importance of never underestimating people.   He’s seen many a loan-writer within his group who have produced outstanding results even though others had written them off.

In this candid interview, you will learn:

  • 3 key points of difference that brokers have over banks
  • Mick’s approach to building a community feel to his aggregation group
  • Different perspectives on the broker business model

Not surprisingly, Mick also an advocate of broker’s pounding the pavement and drinking coffees to build their networks, their pipeline, and their results – which is still highly practical, real-world advice in this digital age.

If you’d like to connect with Mick:

Buyer’s Choice website

Buyer’s Choice Facebook page

Mick’s email

Mick’s mobile: 0418 349 151


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