040: How Chris Bates decided to help change an industry – and came out winning

Chris is an independent financial coach. He is passionately leading a revolution in financial advice after throwing out the old sales industry and building a unique proposition based on independence, strategy and client values. His business Canopy Private partners with aspirational and socially aware families in their 30s and 40s to help them live a meaningful life by finding out their why.

Rewarding Moment in Business

Happens all the time – the moment when a client who comes to him in a state of helplessness, hopelessness or feeling limited in their options suddenly realises so many more options available for themselves and feeling more hopeful for their future – and thankful to Chris for his input.

Favourite Piece of Technology

Sane: Prioritises important emails and summarises the rest

Recommended Reading

Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson

Interview Links

Canopy Private

Chris Bates on LinkedIn



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