063: From listing on the stock exchange to improving Wellness@Work ™ – with Chris Paterson

In my first interview with a co-founder of a company that listed on the stock exchange, Christopher Paterson from Alchemy Career Management shares his personal journey and how he helps people and organisations get the most from each other through his unique programs.

As Chris shares, it was a previous company which he co-founded that listed on the stock exchange.

The business model Chris has built for Alchemy Career Management has enabled him to build a significant team of quality coaches around the nation whom he can engage to support the delivery of a client project or training initiative whilst keeping his overall operating costs at a minimum – as they are engaged on an ‘as need’ basis. Smart model!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Chris launched his business with confidence on the back of his research
  • How he’s able to operate a lean business while still delivering the value and service clients have come to expect of him
  • How he’s built a team of collaborative strategic partners who continue to support him
  • How he dealt with an early challenge in this business with a partner while not compromising on client delivery
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