073: How to build scale and efficiency to grow your bottom line – with Claire Harrison

Clare Harrison is the founder and managing director of Harrison Human Resources, a boutique HR consulting firm based in Brisbane.

Clare provides a very open and honest account of her journey as an adviser who transitioned from a senior HR role within the ABC where she led a team of 50 people through to beginning her own practice.

In the early days of her journey, it took Clare a while to identify whom she enjoyed working with and who received the greatest value from her services. Once she was clear on this, she ‘packaged’ up her services into different product offerings – which made it much easier for clients to understand the benefits – to buy her programs – and to get better results in their business.

Importantly for Claire and her business, now she has a strong offering that is a great match for her market, she has doubled her business revenue each year for the past 3 years, which is a testament to value Clare and her team deliver.

Claire also shares how to grow your bottom line by building efficiencies into your business – which have enabled her to deliver a better quality of service to more clients.

What you’ll learn on this episode:

  • How productising and packaging up her services have helped grow her business
  • How KPI’s (key performance indicators) helped give Claire direction and accountability to work toward
  • How Claire built her business in the early days by partnering with other service firms
  • What her motivator was that meant she had no option to but to succeed
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