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Our brand is built around delivering results for you.  We care for you and your success and want you to achieve exceptional results just like other clients have.

Please listen to the case studies and feedback from other client’s

Case Study #1: Stephen O’Reilly-Nugent

Stephen increased his loan settlement volume by approximately $25 million over 12 months and generated an additional $120,000 of up-front revenue in that period, which he has since realised many times over.

Case Study #2: Shayne Betreen


Shayne Betreen shares how he’s been able to achieve a breakthrough turnaround in this business- from distracted, inconsistent and juggling many balls to mastering the art of doing fewer things well, getting more brokers onboard and building a brand and reputation where a lot more business now finds him.

Case Study #3: PB Finance


PB Finance was founded by George Peppas to enhance the value provided to existing clients of his bookkeeping business. For 5 consecutive years, revenues had plateaued despite George working 60+ hour weeks while revenues had plateaued.

With our help George implemented a business growth strategy that enabled him to leverage his existing networks that were previously dormant or under-performing.

In the first 12 months, George increased his revenue by $120,000 while actually reducing the ‘billable bookkeeping hours’ by 297 by effectively delegating work to a team member.

PB Finance: 0411 725 079

Case Study #4: Mortgage Choice

A Mortgage Choice franchise were experiencing growth and operational challenges as the new franchise owners sought to increase lead volume, conversion and settlements (and minimising ‘clawbacks’)

Implement a structured sales process that increased conversion of ‘lead to appointment’ and ‘appointment to submission’. Refine their service delivery by reallocating responsibilities to free up time. Build local audience and engagement through social media.

Increase monthly settlement volume by $2.9 million, increase monthly upfront income by $15,466 (112%) in a 3-month period.

Case Study #5: Love Home Loans


Michael was already an exceptionally competent, high performing broker who wanted to take his broking business to the next level by implementing more structure into his sales, marketing and processing operations.

Refine the client-service proposition and post-settlement process to create a ‘wow experience’. Establish more structure into his daily routine and maintain focus on the key profit-making activities while delegating other tasks to his administration team member.

Settlement volumes increased by $25 million in a 12-month period without any increase to operating hours.

Michael Luca: 02 8217 9333

Case Study #6: Loan House

Andy McGorlick

Andy McGorlick was an established, respected and trusted mortgage broker who was doing well but realized there was potential to be significantly increase his settlement volumes.

Introduce more structure into each day, increase operating efficiency re-allocate and restructuring responsibilities within his admin team, leverage his personal and professional networks to drive more enquiry and maintain consistent focus through accountability and adherence to agreed KPI’s.

Prior to working together, Andy’s highest settlement year was 2016 ($26 million). Between July 2017 to January 2018, Andy had settled $28 million, while having another 5 months to further over-achieve on his previous best year.

Loan House: (03) 8759 3842

Case Study #7: Love Finance


Clare was a highly competent and trusted broker of 20-years operating in Newcastle. Despite her wonderful personality and kind hearted nature, Clare’s business development process was ad hoc and unstructured.

Clare implementing an effective offline lead generation process and expanded her client offering to include introducing clients to a trust property advisor.

Clare had her best-ever month of settlements ($5 million) while increasing her annual revenue by approximately $75,000

Love Finance (02) 4961 6988

Case Study #8: National Pacific Finance

National Pacific Finance (NPFS) are the finance division of Burbank Homes. Since their inception, they wrote thousands of construction loans in a highly transactional manner, meaning their trail book had significant run-off and the team of 11 brokers rarely received new-client referrals. Most leads came ‘in-house’ leads from the New Home Sales Consultants, and their ‘lead to sale’ conversion rate was below expectation due to how they were positioned in the referral process and the ‘rate-shopping’ nature of the clients.

Increase display home leads to pre-approval and settlement by re-articulating the value of the home loan advisor. Implement a client engagement process that transitioned the client focus from ‘rate’ to ‘solution’ and ignite a cold database of existing clients through an effective calling campaign.

GM of NPFS (and former CEO of PLAN Australia) Trevor Scott confirmed that for the first 3 months following the training program, the month-on-month settlement volume increased by 13% per month (42% over 3 months).

Love Finance (02) 4961 6988

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