Are you after a coach or consultant…

Or are you looking for better results?

Do you want more appointments and settlements?

Do you want a book of good quality clients who are easy to work?

Would you like to process more loan volume without compromising on service levels?

And do you want clients to recommend you because you do a great job?

If that’s what you want, we can help!

We’re not interested in doing coaching for the sake of it.  We’re focused on delivering measurable improvement in your settlement volumes and the value of your book.

That’s why we don’t work with everyone – we carefully select the people we know we can help.


Because our business model relies on your success – we don’t get paid in full until you get the results you’re looking for.

And we’re not exactly struggling because when you focus on delivering great value, the rest takes care of itself.

So, how does it work?

Well, you know how you advise your clients that loan strategy and structure are more important than the ‘rate’ on their loan?

We believe the same is true for you too – you need to have a solid strategy to build your momentum and maintain month-to-month consistency.

And that’s exactly what you’ll receive.

Our 14-Point Broker Diagnostic Tool will provide us a comprehensive view of your business and identify the biggest opportunities for performance gain. We then use these insights to build your plan.

In consultation with you, we’ll prioritise key actions, agree on milestones and support you through implementation with the tools, knowledge and guidance on how to most effectively achieve your goals.

You can expect us to keep you focused, committed and consistent with the actions that will drive your results. Clients value our accountability as a key component of their success.

We will measure your progress against the milestones to ensure there is improvement in the agreed areas for performance gain.

We’ve found most clients we work with typically know how to win the deal when they are in front of a new client.

They just need to get in front of more people and ensure their back office can handle the volume of deals being put through.

And similar to how you provide a different solution for each client based on their scenario, we treat you the same way.

You have a unique business, and you have unique needs, and we’ll provide you a solution that aligns to your goals and draws upon our tool kit and expertise in helping dozens of brokers and broker groups create significant uplift in their settlement volumes.

Outcomes clients can expect:

Increasing the number of inbound leads

Increasing settlement volumes

Improving their hourly rate

Improving operational efficiencies

Enjoying more time away from the office

Increasing the value of the loan book

The tools we use to get you there include:

Strategic planning

One on One coaching with James McCracken

Unlimited coach contact

Referral marketing best practice

Testimonial & review generation software

Email marketing strategies

Social media marketing

Process optimization

High-level accountability

Live training and workshops

Generate more enquiry. Sell through service. Optimise your admin.

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