Common Marketing Mistake

Common Marketing Mistake

Just a short while back, I received a message from a broker who had done some marketing – but it had zero traction.

Worst of all – he had no idea why.

To him, the message he wrote looked pretty good. It was well written, grammatically correct, it had his logo prominently displayed in the top right corner – and looked professional.

So it should have worked……right?

Well, not necessarily.

Good grammar and a nice logo doesn’t mean a great result.

And you know what?

This isn’t an isolated situation.

If you’re on a shoestring budget, then you need to be efficient and effective with what you do – and get timely responses.  Responses from people who see value in what you have to offer, that talks their language – and solves a problem they have.

Or, at the very least, allows the dialogue to begin so you can build that relationship over time.

That’s why it’s one thing to be ‘doing stuff’, and it’s another thing to ‘be effective.’ 

And I should know. I’ve done plenty of ‘stuff’ that has missed the mark.

Sometimes, that can crush to ego – though more importantly, it stilts progress.

And I remember saying things to myself like “well it’s not me, it’s probably just these guys don’t want this stuff.”

But is that really true?

At First I Was Lying To Myself

This was the easiest way to deal with the situation.   You know, I’d say stuff like “well, maybe everyone is on a PD Day today”, or “isn’t a public holiday in that state?”

But At Some Point,
I Just Needed To Get Real

Minutia like this is rarely the real reason why people don’t engage your services.

I think the fundamental reason was because I didn’t understand my audience well enough.  I thought I did, but clearly, I didn’t.

Interestingly, around the same time the broker made the enquiry, I was doing some research for a presentation and I came across a Facebook post that wreaked of “I just want to push my stuff onto you.”

It was clear and obvious the designer of the FB post was focused on their own interests – rather than thinking about how best to add value to others.

In fact, there were several things wrong with the posts – though rather than point them out, I’ll let you look at the post below and decide for yourself why you think it didn’t work.

What’s Wrong With This Facebook Post?


I’m sure you’ll notice several reasons why this FB post failed the moment it’s owner pressed ‘Post’. And in case you’re wondering, yes, I’ve blocked out the business name to be polite to it’s owner.

Though while I’m being polite, I’m sure you can appreciate it can be tricky when you’re marketing – to know what’s going to work – so you can have predictability of enquiry and results.

Master of Few

I firmly believe you’re better off doing fewer things really well than spreading yourself too thin and not getting traction.

While there’s always going to be another shiny ball, the key isn’t to be come a master of all things – it’s become great at doing the few things that help you keep moving forward.

– Maybe you want more enquiry because there’s some extra space in your diary.

– Maybe you’re already busy – and you want to make sure it stays that way

– Maybe you have a team underneath you and you’re feeding them leads,

– Or maybe you’ve been doing lots of things and you want to eliminate the noise and concentrate on the stuff that works?

Whichever it is, it’s important you have the right tools in place to support your goals.

And one of those tools is lies in your ability to identify the problems with the above Facebook post, because there’s a process that needs to be followed to create the results – whether you’re using Facebook, LinkedIn or any form of marketing.

Sure the medium might change, but some fundamentals remain regardless of which platform you use.

So, take a guess at what the mistakes are….

And tomorrow, I’ll walk you through how another broker used a simple FB message to generate enquiry – and how you can use this too.

It didn’t involve any advertising spend, it didn’t involve any ‘boosting’ to the post – just an effective and powerful way to connect with his tribe.

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