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Better Work Life Balance

The missing process that lets you take more time off without losing any business

Efficient, Consistent Growth

The streamlined loan submission process that’ll let you submit more applications without the chaos or extra effort

Productive Employees

The proven methods of building (and retaining) a reliable team who can get more one-touch approvals

Systemised Business

How to build standardised processes that lets employees do 70% of the work, with you managing them for just 30 minutes a day

...So You Can Achieve Results Like This Using This Same Exact Strategy:

Barry grew monthly settlement volumes by $4.1M per month . . . without working any more hours.

I was writing $12M a year as a home-based business. James helped me put my ambitions to paper and design a practical growth plan. Now, I’m settling around $60M, I’ve grown my team, systemised my processes and taken multiple holidays. The Deal Flow Planner is a game changer.


Specialised Mortgage Solutions

Hi, I’m James McCracken

Over the last 9 years, the Deal Flow Planner has helped 82 brokers grow their settlement volumes by $12M+/year (or more). Some of our clients currently write $10M to $20M / month.

I’d love to help grow your volumes too – whatever your goals may be. Just answer 9 questions (takes 90 seconds) so we can pinpoint your bottlenecks, and offer personalised advice.

Without this report, you could be stuck writing loans and miss out on quality time with the family. Carrying the business and being frustrated with your staff. Watching settlements and client service levels fluctuate. Ultimately resenting your success, not enjoying it.

With it, you can build a dependable team who does 70% of your job so you can focus on the things you enjoy most. Have consistent growth with predictable service levels. Make more than ever before, while enjoying the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

Use and Enjoy!

How Other Clients have benefited from the Deal Flow Planner

Mark Mocccero: Mortgage Choice Kew
Change: Streamline service delivery, hire staff and delegate non-client work
Result: Reduced Mark’s office hours from 55 to 40 hours per week while operating more structure and consistency
Growth: From $800K to $6M per month

Rachael Bland: Get Smart Financial
Change: Reengineer loan process for Rachael and her team
Result: Reduced Rachael’s office hours from 50 to 35 per week while having quicker turnaround times on files with an increase in conversion and referrals
Growth: From $5M to $9M per month

Rory Sercombe: Own Home Loans
Change: Increase lead volume, hire staff and optimise loan submission process
Result: Less time doing admin and more time for clients and referrers
Growth: From $1.5M to $5M per month

More structure for your business. More time for your family. More energy for your hobbies.
More money for your passions.

..all that and more is just a click away

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