036: Felicia Meagher helps small business owners find more customers that they love working with

Felicia Meagher specialises in developing customer relationships.  She consults with small business owners to ensure they work with the customers they love working with.  That means setting up ways to: help customers find them easier, stay with them longer, spend more money and tell all their friends.

Most Rewarding Moment in Business

When introducing Felicia onto stage to present at a conference, without expectation the host gave Felicia a glowing endorsement in front of the audience – which is more than what she could have asked for and helped immensely in being seen as an authority with the audience.

Favourite Piece of Technology

Toggle: Free time tracking software

Trello: Keep track of everything from the big picture to the minute details

Recommended Reading

The New Rules of Management by Peter Cook

Interview Links

Felicia Meagher on LinkedIn

CRM Success

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