167: From corporate banking to a commercial broking with Charles Zerafa

When you’ve assessed and approved over a billion dollars in lending within the banks, it is more than just a good apprenticeship to set you up for a life in broking, it’s the foundations to a rewarding career.

In this interview with Charles Zerafa, he takes up through a career assessing commercial transactions before making the switch to broking and becoming the trusted advisor to a portfolio of high quality clients who lean on his expertise to help them fund their and facilitate their business growth objectives.

Charles outlines how the benefits of being a broker enable him to offer a level of depth and value to his clients in terms of how he could represent and facilitate their funding needs.

And, like many a good broker, he talks about how his service has earned him introduction to the personal networks of clients that never availed themselves whilst he was in commercial banking.

If you would like to connect or chat with Charles, a great place to start would be his LinkedIn profile.

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