168: From Lender to Leader: Andrew Stevens’ Journey in Brokerage

Unlike most of our guests, Andrew Stevens is a well known and respected supplier to the industry rather than a broker from within the industry.

Andrew has established Online Broker Think Tank, which is both a broker-specific Facebook group as well as a brand that’s become synonymous with providing value and insights to brokers.

By way of prior experience, Andrew did write loans many years ago, and moreover has a wide range of life experiences that hold him in great stead to provide guidance, support and assistance to other brokers who are looking to run a more profitable, rewarding, and impactful broking practice.

In our conversation we discuss some of the beliefs, behaviours and qualities that are more regularly exhibited by higher performing brokers and provide some strategic and tactical insights for you to take and  apply in your breaking practice.

Originally, this podcast was recorded on zoom as a live interview with several dozen guests in attendance, and for that reason, the structure sounds a little different to what you’re accustomed.

All the same, I hope you find it either insightful, educational or inspiring.

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