023: Put your business on autopilot with Gilbert Francois

Gilbert François has worked in multiple industries and with company owners of Inc. 500 listed fastest growing companies, with his active leadership program to Mentor CEO’s and Business owners around the world.

Gilbert specialises in cementing deliberate Authentic Leadership and successful implementation of business growth strategy with optimisation processes.

Low Point in Journey

When quoting for a job several years ago – a job that was so big it would have been the annual revenue for the company, Gilbert made the most simply yet costly of errors – he misquoted their pricing, meaning they won the business and it was at one tenth of the expected project value – which almost sent the business into administration.

Turning Point in Business

In working with a client who never thought they could earn much more than a low 6-figure income in the business, with Gilbert’s help, they grew to become an 8-figure business within 18 months – and the while, the client’s never forget who they were, what was important to them and their core values

Favourite Piece of Technology

Agile CRM: CRM & Automation

Recommended Reading

Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields

The One Thing by Gary Keller

Interview Links 

Gilbert Francois on LinkedIn



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