115: Graeme Holm’s Unconventional Strategies to Attract, Retain and Grow His Client Base

In this interview with Graeme Holm, you’ll hear him share a host of tactics that have helped him quickly build his brand and profile as a preeminent broker.

With a mantra for ‘people first, profits last’, Graeme refers to his clients as joining the ‘family’, which is reflected in the service proposition and ongoing support his team provides to help clients improve their financial wellbeing.

Having won a host of service awards, combined with various other lead generation and brand-building strategies, Infinity Group Australia is building a respected and trusted brand that is quickly becoming known for delivering outstanding client results.

Like most brokers, Graeme enjoys educating clients so they feel more confident about the lending process, which in turn enhances the customer experience and earns him more referrals.

I hope you are inspired by what Graeme shares, and you can find out more about his business via these two links: 


Infinity Group’s website

Infinity Group on Facebook

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