164: Growing to $100M+ Through Systems, Structure and Staff

From police officer to high performing mortgage broker mortgage, Travis Carruthers is on a mission to impact more brokers, consumers and staff for the better.

Most brokers who settle in excess of $100M per annum are usually looking to grow either their back end to pump through more volumes, or  build out the broking team so they can grow with and through others.

For Travis, it’s a combination of both, in addition to running a sub aggregation group and providing a consulting service where he implements a version of his own processes into other broking practices.

With a passion for seeing people do better, Travis aims to provide exemplary client service standards and cultivate a team in culture where his staff are expected to come up with ideas and innovations that contribute towards the ongoing growth and optimization of the business.

Arguably not an easy thing to do, which is perhaps the exact reason why Travis is doing it because as he says he gets bored staying in his comfort zone and wants to be comfortable with remaining uncomfortable.

If you’d like to connect with Travis, you can reach him:

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