139: How Aaron Milburn is Championing The Broker Cause

As a long-time champion of the 3rd party channel, Aaron Milburn talks about his career, his love of helping brokers succeed, and his mission of educating consumers on their options so they never have to feel like there isn’t hope to solve their financial challenges.

Having worked in a number of 3rd party roles including state manager @ Bank West, Citi, and St George, Aaron has found his home at Pepper.

Knowing the value brokers bring to each client, Aaron continues to advocate for how brokers can make a profound and lasting difference at a time when clients might be at their most vulnerable and needing hope, guidance, and a solution to help them move forward.

Knowing the responsibilities of executive leadership can sometimes take a toll on people, Aaron clearly has a balanced approach to managing his day to day commitments while continuing to be an active father and husband.

As Aaron says, “I don’t shout at the rain”, meaning he doesn’t invest energy into things he can’t control. 

He also likes to keep things simple and in perspective.  It is with this attitude, that Pepper is providing a suite of lending options to accommodate ‘prime’ all way through to ‘specialist’ lending.

With a pragmatic, yet passionate approach to serving the industry, I hope you enjoy Aaron’s journey and his advocacy for the broker channel.

If you would like to continue the conversation with Aaron, you can reach him on 0438416882 or via Aaron’s LinkedIn profile.


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