116: How Alex Ralec practices ‘Quantity over Quality’ to Become an Elite Broker

In this interview, we talk about how Alex transitioned from being an accountant to a top mortgage broker that he is now. He started with absolutely no experience in the world of banking, but how did he get to where he is now? Read more.

Alex, like many brokers from the Wizard Home Loans brand began his broking life without a trail income, not many referrals and their tactics for growing volumes were like a melting pot of strategies combined together. 

What Alex had in spades is a passion for serving clients – and with perseverance, sharpening his sales skills, and delivering exceptional service, he was able to build his momentum, confidence and his volumes.

It may sound like a cliche but Alex believes that there is no easy path to success.

The entirety of the interview is a timely reminder, whether in the industry or not, that hard work and dedication to better service each time for clients is a foundation of growing a sustainable business.  

Alex Ralec’s website

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