151: How and why Marco Meloni became one of the first brokers in Australia

Quite literally, one of Australia’s first-ever brokers, over the past 30+ years Marco Meloni has seen it all.

That said, it comes as little surprise that his secrets to success aren’t really secrets at all.

Be responsive, give great advice, deliver results and care for your clients. These are just some of the insights Marco shared during our interview.

Moreover, we also touch on how Marco, who is entering the twilight of his career can plan a gradual exit from his business in a way that makes it easier for their book to be taken over, clients to be looked after, and of course, appropriately remunerated on the asset and reputation he has built.

As always, I hope this interview educates and inspires you to continue on your journey.

And, if you would like to connect with Marco, he has generously offered his open-door policy for anyone in his neck of the woods (Leederville, WA), or you can ring the office on 08 9201 0999 and tee up a chat.

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