138: How Andrew Larcombe Is Shifting From High Performer To High Contributor

After a 14-year career at Westpac, Andrew Larcombe decided to join the ranks of the broking industry, and 23+ years on, he has seen just about everything and achieved an extraordinary amount.

When loans were easier to write, Andrew broke the company 3-months in a row, where he set a record of 84 loans in a single month.  Legend has it that record still exists to this day.

With a knack for teaching, Andrew’s broking business has evolved over the years to incorporate a structured mentoring program given his passion for helping new-to-industry brokers.

Moreover, like many high achieving brokers, for years Andrew unconsciously associated ‘success’ with the number of submissions he wrote. 

That all changed though the moment he survived a new-death car accident.  

This challenge and the ensuing rehabilitation forced Andrew to reconsider how he operated his business and what his priorities were.  That isn’t to suggest that his road to recovery has been easy, but it has given him the opportunity to redefine success as something that comes within and how we can make a more valuable contribution to his mentees.

I hope you find this an inspiring and rewarding podcast, and if you would like to connect with Andrew, you can do so via his Morbanx website and LinkedIn profile.


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