150: How Bianca Patterson Plans to Retire by age 40, and What She Will Do Instead

Bianca Patterson exhibits all the hallmarks you’d expect of a high performing broker.

  • Strong conviction in her value proposition
  • Willingness to invest in people and resources
  • Places high value on her time
  • Is clear on the people she wants to work with

And it comes as no surprise that over the past 10 years, Bianca Patterson’s brokerage has been growing based almost entirely on referrals from highly satisfied clients.

Right now, Bianca has arrived at what most of us would define as ‘successful’ in business and is thinking about the next chapter of her business and her life.

Specifically, with a great flow of lead, clients and revenue, Bianca is thinking about how to slowly replace herself so she can retire by age 40 and have her team take on even more of the day-to-day responsibilities.

That doesn’t mean she’ll give it all up.    Retirement is about giving herself choice and options as to how and where she spends her time. 

And why?  So she can realise the next level of her own personal journey – and expand her impact on society.  

If you want to connect with Bianca, you can reach her on LinkedIn. Check out the other podcast episodes here.

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