144: How Caroline Jean- Baptiste Built a Successful Broking Business While Enjoying A Great Life

In this interview, Caroline Jean-Baptiste talks about what it takes to be an active and involved mother while also operating a successful mortgage broking business.  Who says you can’t have both!

Having previously worked in the cruise liner industry, Caroline talks about how she made the transition into broking, and then into operating a successful broking business.

With a legion of fans who advocate for her service, Caroline earns plenty of referrals, which is coupled with a host of marketing activities that have built her reputation as a legitimate expert in finance.

This includes using LinkedIn to generate new enquiry – a strategy Caroline has been using with a high degree of success.

In our interview, Caroline also touches on tech tools, building a team, and strategies for streamlining the lodgement process.

If you want to connect with Caroline, you can do so right here.  

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