131: How Cathy Brown Uses Offshore Talent to Grow her Broking Business

With a love of people, processes and numbers, though Cathy Brown started life as an accountant, she has found her calling as a mortgage broker.

From the early days of smashing out long hours and driving all over town, Cathy has restructured her business to fit around her life all while leveraging processes, technology and an off-shore team to deliver exceptional client outcomes.

Like many a broker, Cathy found it difficult to relinquish control but has found that with continual & effective communication, she can empower, upskill and support her team to take as much ownership over the delivery of service so her time can be spent on clients appointments and acquiring new business.

Cathy would be the first to admit that having an offshore team has provided both challenges and new learning opportunities for her.  In particular, the proximity of distance has forced her to improve her communication skills so her team understand the ‘why’ and the ‘what’, not just the ‘how’.

Moreover, in her downtime, she can also tweak processes and system so they continue to stay relevant and enable her and the team to deliver on exceptional client experience.

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