119: How Clinton Waters Became One Of The Top Mortgage Brokers In The Industry By Combining Relationships with Technology

In this interview, Clinton talks about how to get the job done to an exceptional standard and having a  seamless delivery of service to the clients. We also talk about how vital it is to review your ‘why’ in doing all of the things you have been doing.

Clint also shares how embracing technology has contributed to a more efficient loan process while also making it easier to build client relationships.  

Some of the tools in Clint’s lineup include his bespoke fact-find-form that feeds directly into Mercury, Zoom for online meetings and Calendly for booking appointments.

For Clint to support his team of brokers within the Axton Finance brand, he has found that it’s exceptionally important to provide robust processes and a collaborative, engaging work environment that brokers want to be a part of.

Though it is hasn’t been easy, Clint’s ongoing commitment to supporting his clients and helping his brokers to achieve success provides both a challenge and an opportunity to learn, give and grow.


Find out more about Axton Finance here.


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