142: How Cory Bannister is Making a Difference to the Mortgage Broking Industry


Starting his career as an accountant with LaTrobe Financial in rural Victoria, 20 years on, he is still working for them, though his knowledge, skills, and experience have grown significantly over that time.

These days, as Chief Lending Officer, the focus for Cory and his team is weighted heavily toward contributing to the success of their customers, you, the mortgage broker.

Interestingly, in line with Cory’s progress, LaTrobe Financial too has extended its service offering from a ‘specialist’ lender to a suite of options to accommodate the various scenarios and clients whom they help.

With a mantra of “make a difference” and “others before self”, LaTrobe’s business values and culture are reinforced monthly by celebrating and recognising team members who live and breathe these values to deliver service and outcomes for brokers and their clients.

Cory also shares some sage and generational advice that he learned from his grandfather and father, which was “do more than you’ve been asked to do and don’t ask anything more for that”.  He also shared this nugget from CEO Greg O’Neill of “doing things right and small things matter.”

If you want to connect with Cory you can reach him via his LinkedIn profile.




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