098: How Daniel Niederberger grew his income and freedom by moving from self-employed to employing people

Have you ever thought about how to grow your income by moving from self-employed to having a team of people working under you?

If you have, you’re not alone, though this may be small comfort for the challenges inherent in leveraging other people’s time, energy and effort to accomplish your goals.

Building out a broking business through people, where the delivery of the service isn’t contingent upon you writing loans provides the opportunity for greater scale and leverage by using other people’s time, effort and resources (and resourcefulness). It can also create more freedom.

As many small business owners will attest to though, moving from the theoretical to the reality is fraught with challenges and new responsibilities – from HR, to getting a ‘return on your labour’, to possible shortcomings on cash flow, to becoming a leader of people.

For some, this isn’t their end game. They didn’t become a broker to get have more stress, get paid less, and be responsible for the success of others.

And therein lies the challenge to move from self-employed to operating a broking business, or any business for that matter.

Going from working ‘on the tools’ to working ‘on the business’ requires a new level of thinking, a different business model and different skill sets to make it sustainable for the long-term.

That’s why I invited Daniel Niederberger onto The Successful Adviser podcast.

Daniel wrote in excess of $60 million in loans when he was broking, though he began Value Finance with a bigger vision of where he wanted to take his business.

With unrelenting commitment, a clear strategy and value proposition and effective execution of the plan, Daniel is expanding his impact and his brand through acquisition of new brokers in his hometown of Perth and across Australia’s east coast.

Along the journey, he is also discovering a new passion, which is his ability to inspire, educate and contribute to the success of his brokers and his team as a whole.

While he recognizes that importance of systems and processes to enable people brokers to perform their role, they are a ‘ticket to play’, not a point of difference.

The difference comes in the culture, the strategic partnerships and the selection of people they choose to have on their team.

If you’d like to connect with Daniel:

Value Finance website

Call Daniel: 0422 271 888

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