126: How Hannah Nguyen writes $86M and is Home For Dinner Time Every Night

Hearing Hannah Nguyen’s story will be aspirational for many – and rightly so.  She is shooting the lights out with her volumes, though she is far from resting on her laurels.

Currently writing around $86 M with a goal of $100M (and then $150M), Hannah and her team operate with precision and structure to enable deals to flow smoothly through their well-oiled machine without every task being reliant on Hannah’s personal effort.

If you think of a surgical team, which has the prep-nurses, the surgeon and the post-operation support, that’s much like Hannah’s setup.  Where Hannah is the surgeon and sets the tone for how the business operates.

Impressively, her last appointment time slot is at 4 pm, and clients find a way to fit around her schedule, not the other way round.

As you’d expect, Hannah has a strong grasp of loan structuring and though has a highly tuned loan submission process, in my opinion, what’s even more impressive is her capacity to guide and empower her team members to perform their role to the best of their ability.

This skill earns her loyalty, and moreover, gives her the confidence that clients will be well serviced, and provides her with the opportunity to have a work-life balance where she can enjoy the other responsibilities in her life.


Visit Hannah’s website here.


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