097: How Jason Back’s team write more than $750 million in settlement volumes

Jason Back isn’t your typical managing director, and the company he leads, Australian Lending and Investment Centre, isn’t your typical brokerage.

With volumes in excess of $750 million, it’s apparent they need to have different systems, processes, ways of thinking, strategizing and delivering to accommodate this volume.

So, during this interview, Jason generously shares some of his personal journey from his more than 20 years in the banking and finance sector, as well as many insights into how ALIC has become the high-performance business that we know it to be.

Make no mistake though – a great deal of thinking and effort has gone into building this amazing business, which is highly oriented toward delivering a memorable customer-experience, from the interview with the broker, all the way through to settlement and beyond.

It’s a holistic, strategic approach to engaging with clients whereby clients feel inspired and compelled to want to tell others about their great experience. This in turn build’s ALIC’s reputation, which becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of receiving more enquiries from people who want the experience the same.

Some of the insights you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Jason’s plan to give back and strengthen the industry
  • How ALIC engage with their aggregator
  • The Values-Based approach to selling
  • The approach to working with referral partners
  • How to maximize your hourly rate

If you’d like to connect with Jason:

Broker Essential’s website

Email Jason

Call: 0401 429 435




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