137: How Jeremy Fisher Became The # 1 Broker In The Country


In this candid and relieving interview Jeremy Fisher of 1st Street Financial, we cover a number of topics pertaining to personal success, business development, and contributing back to the community.

You may know Jeremy as having been ranked # 1 broker in the MPA Top 100 list with a settlement volume of $320 million.  But as Jeremy readily admits, that’s when organising a deal required less admin and lenders approved applications faster.

With a healthy perspective on the industry, Jeremy understands acutely that though he may have written the most volume, there are brokers the country over who might write just as many, if not more deals.  A major difference is that with an office in Sydney’s eastern suburbs and an average deal size around $1M, it makes it easier for the volumes to grow quicker.

Jeremy also touches on simple strategies that helped him immensely in the early years to build strategic relationships and earn more client referrals.  Like he said, that when the core of the business is focused on delivering a great client experience, there is more than one way to go about it.

These days, 1st Street Financial gives back through various charities that they support, and they have grown their team of brokers so Jeremy can share and enjoy the journey with other like-minded people.

Visit the 1st Street Financial website if you would like to reach out to Jeremy or find out more about their business.

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