141: How Jeremy Harper Narrowed his Target Market to Write More Deals

Jeremy Harper’s journey in mortgage broking isn’t your typical one.  Having established his business in Melbourne, Jeremy packed it up and took it to New York where he and his wife lived and worked for two years.

While operating in the Big Apple, through a combination of opportunity and strategic insight  Jeremy chose to niche down and build his knowledge and reputation for providing specialist lending solutions for ex-pats.

Now back in Australia and operating out of Sydney, the bulk of the loans that Jeremy writes are for professional ex-pats who want a person they can trust to make the deal work.

Combined with his degree and a previous career in accounting, Jeremy gives his clients a professional advisory service which earns him referrals and repeat business.

In this interview, you will hear Jeremy talk about some of the decisions he made that have contributed to the continued and ongoing growth of his business.

If you want to connect with Jeremy, you can visit his website here.


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