153: How Julie Bishop Went from Banking to Broking

Many brokers understand the need to hire better staff and invest in better technology.

However, understanding and actually making the decision to part with their hard-earned money are two different things.

This is why many brokers struggle with growing their businesses and earning their freedom.

In this episode of The Successful Adviser, I sit down with Julie Bishop, an established broker from Cohesive Finance.

Drawing from Julie’s former career in banking and her experience with clients from the medical industry, we discuss how brokers can overcome common logistical and psychological challenges – and achieve the autonomy they desire.

The Key Questions:

  • What are the biggest challenges and the most important considerations for most brokers? (4:02)
  •  Why is collaboration just as important as competition? (4:57)
  • Why do many brokers struggle to invest in the resources they need? (8:00)
  • How can you refine and streamline your business processes? (28:08)

What You’ll Discover:

  • The key difference between corporate decision-making and making decisions as a mortgage broking business owner (8:53)
  • Key advice on creating and maintaining successful business partnerships (12:06)
  • How to work with clients with different considerations and priorities (21:41)
  • Several critical tips for new brokers (33:59)

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