129: How Kelly Cameron Retired at Age 30 and Has Since Built a 7-Figure Loan Book

Some brokers go quietly about their business, making an impact where it matters most – with the outcomes and relationships they have with clients.

This is certainly true for Kelly Cameron, the entrepreneurial director of Get Real Finance.  

At age 30, Kelly sold her first brokerage and ‘retired’ from the workforce, though boredom, the need to be challenged and passion for making a difference soon brought her back to the finance industry.

Having since established Get Real Finance, Kelly has since brought on a total of 8 other staff members to accommodate the continuing need to service existing and new clients.

In contrast to some others, Kelly is a fervent believer that the PAYG model ensures her loan writers and admin staff are only ever focused on what’s best for the client.  As she says, “keep it small and keep it all.”  

And if the business results and loan book size are anything to go by, there’s merit to her philosophy, as her staff continue to grow in skill and confidence and Kelly is progressively transitioning from being in front of clients to overseeing business operations. You can visit the Get Real Finance website here.

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