148: How Kirsty Best is Inspiring her Clients, Staff and Peers alike.

Best by name, and by nature.  Right now, Kirsty Best from Living Home Loans is seeing the business achieve personal best settlement volumes, as she and her husband Andrew take full advantage of the booming property market.

Currently writing $6M / month with a view to doing more, Kirsty brings her life skills and financial acumen to fore to deliver a highly referable lending experience.

Moreover, Kirsty is part of a growing wave of women in finance who want to support, inspire and encourage other women to pursue a career and achieve what they’re worth.

In this interview some of the topics we cover include:

  • Niching strategies and who they say yes, no or maybe to
  • Instilling confidence into your team to create loyalty and productivity
  • Tools for automating and managing task and deal flow
  • Having a productive and profitable husband-wife working relationship 
  • And encouraging the ongoing representation, participation and growth of women in finance

If you want to connect with Kirsty, you can drop her an email or reach her on Facebook

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