100: How Kirsty Dunphey Settled 123 Deals in Her First Full Financial Year

In this interview, I’ve the pleasure of speaking with Kirsty Dunphey, who is crushing it as a broker despite only being in her third year. She truly is a go-getter, and it just so happens that she is applying those go-getting principles of action, action and action to the broking industry.

In her fist year, Kirsty settled 123 deals, which is no mean feat considering she didn’t have prior credit experience. That said, property and finance are familiar topics for Kirsty considering she was previously the director of a 50-staff real estate agency in Tasmania, and has been in and around property since age 15.

In fact, Kirsty has been the recipient of many awards through her business journey, including being the youngest winner of the Young Telstra Businesswoman of the Year Award.

With her entrepreneurial flare, strong relationships and ability to disseminate the important from the ‘nice to do’, Kirsty hit the ground running as a broker, and had 12 deals lined up in her first 2 months.

In fact, her biggest challenge has been how to find the right balance between scaling the loan-writing while maintaining the service standards that have seen her build a strong reputation and word-of-mouth business.

As a mad traveller and mother of two young children, Kirsty likes to ensure her business can operate around her family and personal commitments rather than being all consuming.

Though she is modest, Kirsty has done and is continuing to do some wonderful things that make a profound difference in the lives of her client’s and I hope you’re able to take away a couple of gold nuggets you can apply to boost your volumes and overall results.

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